Could You Live Without Your Make Up?

Because a recent survey found two-thirds of women believe facing the world without full make-up is more stressful than a first date or a job interview. Many of these women were also unable to contemplate even the most mundane tasks (sitting on a train, for example, or answering the door) without selected areas having first been dyed, tinted or plucked.

Grooming, after all, is a way of asserting ourselves in just about every sphere of life. Women do it to attract a mate, but also to compete in female company. We do it to show power and poise in stressful situations and to make ourselves appear poised and collected (particularly when we don’t feel it).

Our state of grooming can reveal our level of wealth, job and marital status — even our emotional state.

We have fine-tuned antennae for other women’s grooming skills — and therefore expect them to scrutinise ours — and we cannot get enough make-up and hair styling tips from the world’s most glamorous women.

Like so many, I find spending time on my appearance enhances my mood, maybe it’s the fact that a properly put-together face has seen me through all the big milestones of my life — dates, job interviews, my wedding day.

I first had my eyebrows tattooed in August 2008, along with my lips, and when I look back on photo’s before I had the treatments, I wonder how on earth I ever managed to live without them!

Gone are the days of me spending hours sitting in front of the mirror drawing on my eyebrows, always getting one perfect & the other infuriatingly wrong and then accidentally catching one or the other brow and wiping it off while doing my hair arrrrggghhh, thank god those days are gone. Because of my brows and lips, I now feel confident enough when I go on holiday to just use a tinted moisturiser in the evenings and a smidgen of mascara and that is it!!

I love my permanent make up and most definitely could not live without it, but I can manage pretty well without conventional makeup….If you want to experience the simple easy way of semi permanent perfectly applied make up, whether it is your eyebrows,  eyes or luscious lips that you desire, then call me Thea Pearce and see how I can create you a perfect brow that won’t rub off, or beautiful eyeliner that won’t smudge, or luscious fuller lips that are kissable time after time.

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