About Us

Let’s face it we all struggle with the pace of life. There never seems to be enough time for YOU.

The daily routine is all too familiar – the clock is ticking, the kids won’t get ready and you need to get to work. With this happening around you, it’s no surprise that getting your make-up right is the last thing that enters your head.

Looking and feeling your best when you get up in the morning is so important. If you don’t leave your home in a good state of mind, feeling fresh and looking radiant, how can you expect to tackle the daily challenges that life throws at you?

Thea Pearce understands this. She provides a range of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic treatments for those people that need just a little bit of help when they’re getting ready.

Gone are the days when you need to spend hours in front of the mirror. The art of permanent make-up now means we can all look our best without the need to apply lipstick, eyeliner etc as part of our daily ritual. People that have opted for permanent treatment say that they have instantly benefited from larger looking eyes with thicker lashes, amazing, fuller lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Your look is your decision. Choose from bold to under-stated, from high glamour to daringly casual, from glossy to something more conservative. Working with Thea, you can achieve a dramatic new look, leaving you to manage your time and your make-up to manage itself!


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