Permanent make Up

Let’s face it we all struggle with the pace of life. There never seems to be enough time for YOU. The daily routine is all too familiar – the clock is ticking, the kids won’t get ready and you need to get to work. With this happening around you, it’s no surprise that getting your make-up right is the last thing that enters your head.

Paramedical Procedures

Paramedical procedures can also be used to address issues such as discoloration of the skin and will beautify and improve scars and address other imperfections. Contact Thea for full, confidential advice about the extent of the paramedical procedures she can offer.


LVL Lashes & HD Brows

LVL Lashes an alternative to lash extensions. You really don’t need lash extensions any more when you can make the most of what you already have with LVL Lashes – the latest lash-lifting treatment that curls your eyelashes. What this natural process does is create the appearance of longer, thicker lashes that really do look fabulous.

Contour Roller

A proven treatment that stimulates the skin to produce natural collagen and elastin. Recommended for improving scars, pitted skin, open pores, acne scars, anti-ageing, face firming, elasticity improvement, wrinkle, cellulite and stretch mark reduction.