Contour Roller

Used and recommended by plastic surgeons across the World, Contour Roller is a rejuvenation process that stimulates the skin’s own natural repair system.

The treatment is used to address a wide variety of skin conditions and has been proven to be effective in reducing the effects of wrinkles and crow’s feet that naturally appear with age. It also helps to reduce pigmentation problems, sun damage and sagging skin.

Contour Roller is also used to correct other skin conditions, such as scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

It’s a much safer, quicker alternative to more dramatic plastic surgery and can be used to prevent long-term collagen loss.

Contour Roller can be used for:

How does it work?

This is an anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the skin to produce collagen & elastin naturally, unlike other skin resurfacing treatments that may be harsh on the skin. The contour roller creates tiny channels through the epidermis stimulating natural collagenesis & rapid healing, its natural, virtually painless & very very effective.

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