Paramedical Procedures

Paramedical procedures can be used to address physical blemishes, scarring and other skin imperfections. Many clients have successfully used treatment to boost their personal confidence and levels of self-esteem. Proven techniques such as areola restoration, scar correction and vitiligo camouflage have been endorsed by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists for numerous years. As an elite permanent make-up artist, Thea is fully qualified to perform these revolutionary procedures that can have truly life-changing effects.

Nipple and areola tattooing

A complete re-design service, for one or both nipples and the areola. Each treatment is unique and personal. Whether you need re-construction work following breast cancer, enhancement surgery, or simply want to boost fading or colourless nipples or the areola, Thea can advise on the most effective way of proceeding.

Harelip procedure

This treatment involves the reconstruction of the lost lip line. By creating a new, fuller, natural lip, the effects of scarring are considerably reduced. Dry needling can also be used to help soften the tissue and improve the appearance in this area. This can be performed at the same time, if required.

Vitiligo camouflage

A procedure that involves tattooing pigments back into the skin where the melanin (colour) has been lost. This has proven to be a very successful treatment over the years. A consultation is required to assess each individual treatment before it can progress. The condition must have been dormant or inactive for a minimum of 2 years, before camouflage work can proceed.

Scarring camouflage

Scars can be professionally camouflaged by tattooing skin pigments over the area to conceal it, or by using dry needling. This helps to break down any scar tissue and soften the appearance. The scar must be at least 18 months old, and white in appearance, before any treatment can commence.