Permanent Make Up

Specific treatments

Eyeliner contours

Make eyes look bigger and brighter and lashes thicker with more shape, to naturally emphasize your eye colour. Colour can be added to the top of the eyelid and along the lash line to suit individual requirements. This treatment is ideal for those that want to create a more striking, dramatic appearance around the eyes. See also eye enhancement for a softer look. Advanced techniques can also give the eye a different contour. It’s a good approach for Alopecia clients who benefit from the illusion of a natural lash and for those with poor vision who struggle to apply daily make-up around the eyes.

Lip contours

Enhance and shape with permanent colour. Create stunning new lips instantly. Ideal for more mature ladies that may have lost lip colour and shape through ageing. Also recommended for people who lead busy, active lives and do not have the time or need the hassle of applying and re-applying daily make-up.

Eye enhancement

This is a very subtle procedure. With this treatment, a soft, natural line is applied through the lashes, adding depth and definition to the eye. This can bring tired eyes to life, as well as making lashes look longer and more beautiful.

Eyebrow Contours

Lift & frame the face which can give the illusion of a brow lift without the pain & expense of surgery & gives a very youthful look to the face.
The brows can be done in fine hair strokes for a soft & natural look or they can be done in a powered brow effect to give a more bold look depending on the individual client.

Wedding Make Up

The perfect way to enhance your wedding day and honeymoon, please contact Thea directly to discuss your wedding day requirements. Please note that all permanent make up procedures should be carried out at least 8 weeks prior to your wedding, this is to allow the treatments and treated area’s time to settle. Bridal and Mother of the Bride packages available on request.

Contact Thea for full advice about how this treatment can work for you.